Digital payments are transforming payment transactions into a fast, seamless, mobile experience that impacts how payments are made in developed and emerging countries alike. We provide the following digital payment solutions:

Best solutions

Digital vouchers

Voucher distribution using paper vouchers faces challenges that include fraud and theft. Specifically, vouchers can be lost, stolen or damaged and fraud is common because vouchers are relatively easy to duplicate and circulate. This leads to beneficiary mistakes and tracking mistakes.

Digital vouchers are provided using NFC cards that connect to a mobile POS device. The system allows for secure identification, better traceability and reduces the above risks. Additionally, having a bigger acceptance network ensures a higher card adoption rate. This solution can be used by NGOs in relief food distribution and other humanitarian aid sectors. The cards can be recharged for continuous or repetitive usage.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payment is a great substitute for cash or traditional credit/debit cards. Often when dealing with small amounts of cash or when acceptance networks are not developed enough for traditional credit/debit cards, mobile payment services are being used to fill the gap. Telcos and other organizations are positioning themselves in this specific segment.

We assist Telcos and organizations to implement mobile payment solutions that suit their specific needs and markets.

Best solutions

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is the act of making financial transactions on a mobile phone. Mobile banking enables a bank or microfinance institution or sacco customer to perform transactions such as cash deposits, cash withdrawals, loan applications, fund transfers and account enquiries from their mobile phones using a USSD code or mobile app.